New Family Wednesdays

If you are a caseworker, or you have a caseworker, or if you are someone calling for information about this program, please reach out to Barbara at to make an appointment.

This is a one time service where families can choose some furniture pieces, (depending on inventory), pick out items from our kitchen department, receive bedding and bathroom items, clothing and food.

Friday Food Distribution

Every Friday from 11:30 to 1:00 we have a large scale food distribution that provides a variety of healthy foods. All are welcome! You will need to get a membership card that will be created for you at Bridge of Hope when you come, that you will need to have with you, each time you come to receive food. This card will have an appointment time that will be your time to come any Friday you want to come. Having an appointment time will help with wait times.

Saturday Community Day

Every second and fourth Saturday is our Community Day from 9-11. We open our clothing closet for all who want to shop. We offer a food distribution and welcome the community to join us in a variety of arts and crafts. It is a really fun day and all are welcome!