Bridge of Hope San Diego is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families in the midst of transition.

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Our Impact

Strengthening Families

Bridge of Hope SD works to provide furniture, all household items, clothing and food to families who are sent to us from local San Diego agencies.

Providing Resources & Programs

Our resources and programs also extend to help special groups including; the elderly, poor, single parents, veterans, and people with disabilities.

Serving Our Community

We are currently supplying food to approximately 1500 families per mont, and approximately 300 adults and children enter our clothing closet per month. We are set up appointments for up to ten families per week, of families who are starting over and needing help with furniture and household items.

Who We Are

Bridge of Hope SD is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families in the midst of transition. Transition can mean many things – escaping domestic violence, overcoming homelessness, facing a family crisis, fleeing a war-torn country, defeating a drug addiction, or coping with any situation that causes vulnerability and uncertainty. We are here as a safe haven, a landing pad so to speak, and a gathering place for our neighbors and friends.

What We Do

Bridge of Hope SD works directly with agency caseworkers who refer their clients to us on a weekly basis, and also serves the general public with food and clothing assistance. Through our programs, refugees, the elderly, poor, single parents, veterans, people with disabilities, underprivileged children, and families in crisis are able to find hope in dire circumstances. They are uplifted by the realization that they are not invisible, and gain access to the tangible support they need to conquer their challenges.

Our Story

Sheri was a single mom of her precious son Nathan, in 1989-1993. She was in need of practical help. She didn’t need advice or well wishes but she needed furniture, pots and pans and tangible help in order to give her son the best she possibly could. When the things she needed were provided through people who cared, it gave her courage, strength and a knowledge that God saw her and her beautiful child.  That brought her hope and confidence as a single mother.
That part of Sheri’s story is the foundation and vision behind Bridge of Hope. Years later,in 2005,  Bridge of Hope was founded in response to the growing number of women embattled and recovery and domestic violence situations. Envisioning a community that would help these women build new lives on their own, the couple began collecting furniture and clothing in a small garage in San Diego. They established relationships with local agencies, and communicated directly with families to meet their practical needs.
In 2007, the Briggs rented a larger garage and apartment on 38th Street, in the heart of City Heights. This location not only allowed for more space to hold and distribute donations, but also opened a new door into the lives of the neighbors and surrounding community. Local women volunteered to sort donations, and refugees began pouring in to get help.
Bridge of Hope SD quickly outgrew this space on 38th Street and in 2011 moved into its current location on Fairmont Avenue. We are extremely blessed, both for God’s guidance through every step of our journey, and for the tremendous support from the community. Together we are truly making a difference!
Bridge of Hope has continued to grow over the years, and continues to grow because of all the wonderful, committed volunteers and generous supporters who are with us every step of the way. We are not just an organization, we are a family. Sheri ‘s son Nathan, passed away June 3rd of 2015, in a diving accident. The gift of his life, and their story together, continues to be the strength and motivation behind the work of Bridge of Hope.