First of all, thank you for continuing to pray for us and support the work we do at Bridge of Hope. There are no words to express our thankfulness and gratitude.

In 2009, the Lord led me very clearly to start learning about providing food. I knew it was important for the community at that time but felt more that it was a prophetic word from the Lord, for the future.

We were called to step into learning how to do it, secure connections to food and other supplies, which would be very important for the days to come.  Right now, we are seeing and experiencing “the days to come” with the COVID-19.

Our doors will continue to stay open. Yes, we are taking the necessary precautions, and staying current with the City of San Diego and working closely with the food banks to make sure we are doing this the best and safest way for all who are involved; for both our volunteers and the community.

The need is why we are here.These are the times we have been prepared for and we will continue to be the eyes, hands, and feet of Jesus to those in need.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We will be having to do more purchasing of food to match the demand we think will continue to grow. Unfortunately, if more and more people lose their jobs, those people will be reaching out to us for food each week.

Currently, we are working with Trader Joes, Santee food bank, Feeding San Diego and San Diego Food Bank. We pay a delivery fee for perishables each week and $.18 per pound for non-perishables. We pick up at Trader Joes and the Santee food bank throughout the week. City of Refuge delivers their Costco spoils to us once a week. Lord willing,  all those doors will remain open for us.

Your support is so important to the work we do. We don’t fundraise but continue to pray in every penny needed for the work before us. We have done this for fifteen years, and God has been faithful beyond all we could ask or think.

Prayer requests:

Pray for our incredible volunteers who are faithfully coming, week after week, to serve their community. Pray for protection and continued strength and health, for them and their families during this time.

We ask for continued prayers for wisdom and direction; to be led by the Spirit and for unity and confirmation with our team and board, in what we are to be doing, day by day.

We pray no evil will befall you, nor any plague will enter your dwelling, Psalm 91:10.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns. or 858-449-2947

May God bless you and your families.

💙 Sheri Briggs,
Bridge of Hope San Diego